Social Media Ethics

Why your client could be legally liable for your actions on social media, whether they approved them or not?

How to determine what is generally okay to discuss on social media and what’s off limits?

How to prevent social media discrimination and harassment?

Social media is really just another communication channel. It is a way to express yourself, connect with others, publish your work and even promote things and ideas.

But unlike having a phone conversation, talking and sending emails. Social media is public.

So, a lot of people can read and spread it quickly. If you use common sense in good judgment, social media can be a great tool for collaboration, interaction, and sharing.

Without common sense in good judgment, social media is a way to create evidence that can be used against you or client.

One of the real values of social media is that it is less formal, more personal, spontaneous and real. You can use social media in ways that work for you.

If you have questions on what to do or how to handle something, talk to someone that familiar with the legal and practical issues for your situation.

If you’re not sure, ask before you act.

You have to exercise good judgment when using social networks for work.

Avoid tweeting something that could get you sued or fired.

Watch what you going to do and as well as where you say it. When you have an issue with someone, call or email them and handle it offline.

When you make a mistake, make your apologies public as well. Taking responsibility for your actions not only to demonstrates integrity and maturity. It also reduces the chances of getting sued.

It is really about maintaining healthy personal relationships which the essence of a character, developing a positive brand and effective communication.

The information that can be seen from your social media profile should only be used by the client as a way of getting to know the real you and not be used to discriminate against other people or as a reason to reject an applicant.

To avoid from discrimination and harassment is to remove inappropriate, embarrassing and negative content from your profiles. It is an easy way to avoid unwanted discrimination and harassment based on what you have posted.

Remember that although social media can be used against you, it can also be used in your favor. You should present yourself as smart, talented individual.

Anything you do on social media is been published to an audience. That’s the whole idea. But it essential to consider how your actions or words affect others. So think before you act. If you have questions or not sure what to do, find out first.

Social media is a powerful way to express yourself, collaborate with others and share information. As long as you do so responsibly.

Just because you can tweet, share and comment it, doesn’t mean you should. Learn to do the right thing on social media.

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