Top 5 Must Do’s in Instagram

What makes people successful on Instagram?

Instagram, in a Nutshell, is basically a visual social media platform.

That’s all that you think about. It’s somewhere when people upload images and literally like them.

That’s it!

Super simple.

Super easy.

It’s not a hard thing to do. You just need to go over a few tips to really make sure you actually do the right thing. Some of the people get Instagram wrong. They upload ugly images.

They don’t use hashtags. They upload it in the wrong time and none of them make sense.

Here are the 5 best must do’s to be successful on Instagram.

1. Upload Times.

The best time is obviously when the most active users on Instagram. However, that’s been the reason when they actually change the whole timeline and it is no longer where the most recently uploaded images are on the top.

Keep this in mind, when of the most active user is going to be online you could think who you are targeting.

Also, where are you targeting because we have different time zone in the world.


2. Upload a Day.

How many times should you be uploading either an image or video a day on your Instagram account?

Two images a day is great.

Depending on how many you can actually upload you may be going around to take pictures yourself, to gather free and high-quality images a day.

Make sure your audience can see at least one image a day, but constantly every day and also combining it at the same time every day.


3. Hashtags.

Hashtag is basically a way of finding images on Instagram. A lot of people use hashtag to find specific content they want to see.

Make sure that your hashtag is related to the content you are going to post. Hopefully, you can start more engagement, comments, likes, and followers on your Instagram account.


 4. Visually Stimulate in your audience.

Imagine how many people are uploading every day you need to stop thinking in a way on how can I create the unique content that people will actually say “Hey, this is awesome.” “I want to look at this.”.

A lot of people don’t want to see your food.

This is just a horrible thing to do like your new clothing. Make sure your uploading visually stimulating content because that’s what going to bring people to your account and also make them subscribe or follow you.


 5. Following People.

Why should you be following people as well as liking and commenting images?

Think of Instagram, when you first create your account you’re like a speck of dust. No one really knows you.

You’re just uploading what you need to do.

You need to expose yourself, going out, liking someone’s image.


Remember, Instagram is a visual platform, try to expose your account.

The more you do it, the more you see as a return. Nothing comes free in life. You need to work to make your account grow.


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